Cricket Bat Willow

We have been growing willow on the farm for generations and have now specialise in growing willow for cricket bats that are sold all round the world. These trees take about 20 years to reach maturity, so patience is important.

Wetland Tours

From time to time, in collaboration with the local RSPB, we have provided wetland tours for interested parties. This allows people to see close-up the conservation work we do on the farm and hopefully view some of the beautiful local wildlife of the Somerset Levels.

Bird Conservation

Great Crane Project

Our collaborations with the RSPB also extend to supporting the Great Crane Project. This project started in 2010 and for many years we have had cranes on our land. We ensure the habitat on Allermoor is perfect for cranes and they often return here now to raise their young, having been raised here initially. These birds are truly majestic to see either wading or flying through the sky. The noise they make is quite distinctive. We have worked with local artists to promote the Great Crane project which was featured on Countryfile.


Since joining the stewardship scheme many years ago, we have ensured that all our land, particularly Allermoor and Stanmoor are perfect habitats for ground nesting birds, especially lapwing. The population of lapwing in the local area have increased dramatically over the last 20 years.